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What to get for your army.
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Default What to get for your army.

There have been several topics about people asking what they should get for their army, so I thought I should make this topic.

First thing's first...

[move][glow=red,2,300][size=20pt]BUY THE CODEX!!![/size][/glow][/move]

Once you've got the Codex for your army, buy a HQ and two Troop Choices. Certain armies, such as Imperial Guard, can have fairly complex unit entries, so be sure you understand them properly before buying. If you don't, ask on the appropriate forum.

Once you've got these basics, play a few mini-games to get to know how the rules work. You should also start looking at the rules and model ranges for other units, aim to get about 750-1000 points.

As you play games, and learn more about the game and your army, you should begin to get a feel of how you want your army to work. For example, Tau armies are either be Mechanised, Hybrid or Static.

The last thing to do once you've got your army is to write it up in a list and post it up for us to read.

Finally, if you still need help, feel free to post in the relevant forum. However, give us as much information as you can. Saying you want to start Tau isn't helpful, but saying you want to start Mechanised, and normally fight Tyranids and Chaos, will help us a lot more and ensure you get the best advice.
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Default Re: What to get for your army.

i have a devilish and 8 fire warriors what else should i get first?
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Default Re: What to get for your army.

buy the codex. In it you will find that the core of a Tau army is one HQ (read crisis suit) and two troop units (24 fire warriors).

My suggestion is to buy the codex, then the boxed starter set. This will be around $100 and give you exactly what you need to play the game with Tau.

Of course, I am also a newbie, so my advise is given for what it is worth.

I currently have 36 fire warriors, 12 kroot, 3 crisis suits and a broadside. This is my initial investment (along with rules and codex). I will build from there with devil fish and stealth.

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Default Re: What to get for your army.

I bought 24 fire warriors, 12 kroot,3 crisis battlesuits , 12 drones, etheral ,hammerhead

already had the codex and rule book
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Default Re: What to get for your army.

And what do you want from us Xiou? If it's advice, then please start a new thread about it in the Tau forum.
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