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Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids
Closed Thread
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Default Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

how should i start of. i collect and paint Tyranids and life toward this is interesting. the pic by my name is of my Hive Tyrant in a night fight mode. my info, knowledge and logic is quite good. ask me a question and maybe I'll to answer. if i cant, ask my friend "ironman". i do what i can and i am currently making a landscape battlefield, any questions ask. if any are wondering how to make craters the easy way, this is what u do, drill a hole big enough for a fire cracker or anything smaller than a M-10 and half inches down in a section of foam. hold the fire cracker just above in the hole and light it and drop it and run a way, after the blast, cut the section out from below the crater and you are done
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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

Yes, this is the stragler that I picked up, kind of the chain thing, I get brought here by red magnus, so I bring someone with me, he's not very good in the spelling department, but he has an imagination that even I cant comprehend... Anyway this is me welcoming you to the forums, read the rules and you cant go wrong, and make shure for the love of god, make use of that spell checker! ;D
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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

Welcome eh mate.

It seems that Magnus is infecting the place.
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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

I'm TO's Superhero, Davydudeman!
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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

yo dude wlecome to TO, read the fourm rules and happy posting

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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

*Tilts sword in greeting.*
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

have you found the Tyranid section? if not, you should go there. I for one think that the new codex is sweet. the oe thing i dont like is that there is no Red Terror. i mean, he wasn't over powerful or anything.... oh well, that what we Tyranid players get for haveing a wonderful army! :P

made by KAIS
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Default Re: Nemisis Tyrants Tyranids

Hey man, I'm Phage, moderator of the Tyranids board.* *

If you're looking to start Tyranids, and don't know much, your best bet is to swing by the board and read the Know Your Self - Be the Predator and the Know Your Enemy - Be Not the Prey topics.* They're a wealth of information designed specifically for blokes such as you.* ** If you read the rest of the stickies too, they should be most helpful.

Welcome aboard, see you in the swarm.
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