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New Atlanta GA player
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Default New Atlanta GA player

Posted earlier on the Tyranid thread...figured I could get more responses here!!!

I am a newbie to the 40k game and have been doing an extensive strudy on which army to start with and have not come up with any final answer ( sorry Regis). I know that the SM's are the most popular but I am not looking for popularity. I am looking for an army that is competitive. I am leaning towards the Tyranids for the painting aspect alone but would like to field arguments for other races as well. Being a Tau site I was wondering how good they will be if the enemy ever reaches them?? I am a complete novice so please do not be offended. If you could, please rank the top 3 races and the bottom 3 in terms of overall combat skills. I know there are other factors and if you would like to weigh in with a scale breaking down each race comparibly that would be welcome? Cant wait for the posts as I am eager to start my 40k domination.
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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

Welcome to TO! Nice to have you around!

First off: Many people ask the same questions when they first join. I did too! So with a little search-fu, you can find many of your answers in the forum archives. That doesn't mean we're unwilling to help, however

Secondly: as is the tradition of the first greet-ees, we've got to remind you to not be mean, speel gud, read the forum rules, and please not douse us in kerosine and light us on fire.

Here's a thread that might help:


I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're asking, but I'll give it a go anyway.

In terms of Close Combat prowess, there are varying degrees. A lot of armies are good at it, as close combat is an important aspect of the game.

Some races that excel in close combat:

Daemon Hunters, specifically Grey Knights, are close combat monstrosities. They have to rely on hybridizing with some other armies though, to make for a well rounded force.

Tyranids: are a swarm army. Genestealers, Raveners, Gaunts, all will tear someone up in close combat. Add in the occasional monster like a carnifex, and they're... monsters =p

Chaos Marines: They're more close combat oriented than regular marines. Many of their units forgo ranged weaponry for better close combat.

Orks: Are another swarm army. They're a bit more unpredictable, tend to use guns more, and have a bit more personality.

Those are the big 4 I think of, when I think close combat, but they aren't the only ones! Regular space marines, and the Eldar/Dark Eldar can be exceptional at close combat as well! The eldar though, generally need to wipe out or cripple a unit in a lightning fast assault, because they're less adept at taking the punishment, in proportion to the massive pain they can deal out.

Some races that want to avoid close combat like the plague:

Imperial Guard: They have a few tricks up their sleeves, but ultimately, getting into close combat prevents their tanks from opening fire, and their las-pistol flashlights do little more than clean the armor of most enemy troops.

Tau: Their armor is good, but as for fighting back, they'll almost always be the last to strike, and do so by hitting people with their rifle butts, or trying to bust out their latest Tae Bo move. Needless to say, the results aren't pretty.

Necrons: They're mechanical zombies. Everyone else has chainsaws. What happens when zombie meets chainsaw? They're not EASY to kill in close combat, but it negates their best abilities, and because they're so slow and cumbersome, they're sure to suffer. Exception is their Nightbringer. Egads that thing is a close combat monster.
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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

as is the tradition of the first greet-ees, we've got to remind you to not be mean, speel gud, read the forum rules, and please not douse us in kerosine and light us on fire.
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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

Welcome to TO! Read the rules...yadda, yadda, yadda...and have good grammar! ;D

Top 3 Close Combat armies?
1) Tryanids (Dude, come on...they're Tryanids)
2) Space/Chaos Marines (Due to their Power Armour)
3) Orks (Choppas!!!!!)

Top 3 Shooty armies?
1) Tau (*Theme from Jaws*) ;D
2) Imperial Guard (Tanks!)
3) Space/Chaos Marines (Again...Power Armour)

Top 1 Cheesy Armiy?
Space/Chaos Marines (only because they rock at everything!) :
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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

Just about every race in 40k, apart from pure Tau, can be fielded as either a shooty force or an assault based force. So making a distinction based on whether they are good or bad in combat is quite irrelavent. You should pick an army that you think you'll enjoy painting/gaming with and that you like the models of the army general.

Most new players find something that attracts them more then others, some find that the models must look great before they consider the army, others think the background is more important, and others generally find another nueonce in the hobby that is what makes an army worth considering.

You have already stated that you find painting Tyranids to be appealing. Now you've got to weigh that up with what you want your army to be, for example, if your taking lots of tiny creatures, could you see yourself painting lots of Gaunts? One of the major things that I've found is that I become less enchanted with an army if forced to paint lots of the basically the same type of troops all the time. Would the planned army give you enough scope to paint something else like a tank or a larger creature? Just a few things to consider despite the rest of it.
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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

another thing to consider is do you want an army where you field hundreds of models and you get to roll hundreds of dice, or one where you have a few models but they are all quality units.

eg: would you prefer to swamp you opponent with so many guys in close combat he has no way of winning it, or do you like to take about 6 guys or 1 huge guy into a squad of 20 and rip them limb from limb.
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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

Well you can do that with Nids...
Hullo. I'm Magnus the Red...
Welcome to TO and happy posting! (c) Magnus the Red 2005

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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

hi have fun
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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player


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Default Re: New Atlanta GA player

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their input. I have narrowed my research down to 4 armies which are as follows..Nids, chaos, wolves and dark eldar. I watched for almost an hour at a tournament this last weekend and a player (who was very helpful and answered all my questions)used Chaos which included a "leader"; he just walked through another players entire army and never lost his "main" guy and still had plenty of troops left over. To me, and considering it was only 1 match, what judgement can I draw from this? He informed me that this was his lord or something to the effect, but if this was indeed an even match, why such a one-sided affair? Experience or lack of from the opponent? Superior army? Superior something else? Luck? His opponent was the standard SM's. Anything else...? ? I really do have to consider the painting of the entire brood in choosing the Nids dont I? Daunting task because of the skin they show as opposed to armor!! Well, thanks again for the posts and making me feel welcome!!! I will keep in touch!!!
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