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Im new
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Im new

Hey all,

Im 23 from Reading, UK and I used to play 40k years ago when I was about 18. Me and a few mates in London have recently decided that we wanted to get back into it and we're just researching into the armies we're looking at collecting. My previous experience was using Space Marines. But I wanted to try something new that I didn't know much about which led me to a new and exciting army.......TAU.

Full of questions and excitement I've got myheart set on learning more and at 11am tomorrow i'll get my first look at the Codex:TAU. Really looking forward to it. My mates have decided on Tyranids and Chaos as their respective armies.

From what i've read so far TAU utilise a long range tactical theory. A sort of "kill em before they get here" approach. However, i've also read some info on the Kroot. Which on paper remind me a little of the Tyrannid Genestealers I used to have to fight against years ago. Strong fast and good in hand to hand combat.

If this is the case then surely the TAU have both long range ability and close quarters ability. Is that correct?

I love the idea of picking off an attacker from a distance. Thats my style of fighting. Im not an agressive player, I like to sit there and wait for them to come to me. The longer the range the better.

I don't know much about the TAU but they certainly seem like the army for me. Im also looking forward to reading up on the latest rules. I hear they've changed somewhat since I last played some 5 years ago.

Anyway, thats all about me. As you can see, I don't know much yet and im hoping to learn a lot from people on here. It's a wonderful site and i'll probably be back on a regular basis to ask soem tactical questions and ask for a bit of advice.

Take care all

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Default Re: Im new

Welcome to TO and welcome back to the glory that is 40k. ;D
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Competitive, sure. Sports...
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Its a sport...
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Default Re: Im new

Kroot are really the only combat specialized unit they have. But the kroots gun is actually pretty good too if you need to shoot.

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Default Re: Im new

Actually, if you're after a more static shooty force, then I would suggest Imperial Guard. The Tau's main strength lies not only in their guns, but on getting those guns to be at the right place at the right time. Though the Kroot are fairly ok at CC, you'll need a heck of alot of them for them to be effective. If you do like the Tau after you read the codex, just remember; mobility is your friend.

Oh, and welcome to Tau online! ;D
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Default Re: Im new

Welcome to TO make sure you read the forum rules and have fun posting!
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Default Re: Im new

Welcome aboard Mirrorburn, be sure to read the Forum Rules and the Posting Guidelines and enjoy your stay!

You have quite an adventure ahead of you facing the forces of Chaos and Tyranid. However, the good news is that you will find a plentiful resource of some of the best here at TauOnline. Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask freely the questions you have, even if they seem trivial. However, keep in mind that before you ask a question, it may have already been asked and answered and you can find such things via the Important Topics sticky in every board and also via the Search function that is available for the entire forum. It's all there for your benefit!

Anyhow - As the questions come, we'll be here for you! So happy posting and I'm sure we'll all talk soon

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Default Re: Im new

Welcome to TO Mirrorburn!
I'm sure that with our infinate slams knowledge we will guide you to victory, no matter what army you play! Be sure to check out the Tau Army list Section, for I am always hanging around there looking for more lists to help with! ^-^
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Default Re: Im new

Hey I'm new here too. Welcome back to 40 K.

I've played tau for 1 and 1/2 years and I'll just share with you somethings I learned the hard way.
As for your intro message I just want you to not make the mistake that tau is supposed to be for standing and shooting. Tau is actually supposed to be very mobile, but since it is such a complex army people tend to start off just standing and shooting and hoping the enemy doesn't get to you. This only works well against certain armies and your line of sight is not always in your favor. Remember, the tau think last stands are the refuge of an incompetent commander. look into the FoF(fish of Fury) tactic on Tauonline and try to make your army not completely dependent on killing enough before they get to the bulk of your army. If your army is formless your enemy cannot make plans against you.
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Default Re: Im new

Hi ;D

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Default Re: Im new

Originally Posted by Artiglio
Hi ;D
*Gives Artiglio the Most orginal Welcoming Award*
You could at least say more than that!
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