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Kroot Shaper
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Default Greets

I happened across Tau Online whilst searching for rules on rail rifles (through some very obscure refference to rail rifles in the tactics section) Just my luck! I am ralatively new to playing Tau and would love to share my ideas with everybody else. You might know me from the Portent forums, if you frequent them. At any rate, I just wanted to introduce myself before making any other posts.

Aside: Prehaps a mod could create a sticky thread specifically for introductions, that way every new member won't have to create another thread

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Default Re: Greets


i also play tau but i don't have a large army but i do know the dos and don'ts of the tau i am on pretty often and if you have any questions or if you just wanna talk send me a message i have loads of free time...
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Default Re: Greets

Welcome to TauOnline! Great to see yet another tau player ;D . also, If you haven't found the rules for the rail rifle yet, then you can find them here: http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/railrifle/1/ . Hope that helped!
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Default Re: Greets

Greetings my dirty friend! I'm Magnus the Red, here to help you out whenever... okay, I'm way too lazy for that, but I'm around, hey? By the way, if the mods just made it a sticky we wouldn't be able to greet everyone individually and it would be somethin like an assembly-line, not a community. And we wouldn't want that... ;D
Well, welcome to TO and happy posting!

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