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Hello all of tau online
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Default Hello all of tau online

Hail all bretheren!
I read these boards almost every day trying to keep my strats up to date and my paint lines straight. I play Eldar most of the time, though I started actually collecting necrons first. I've been with 40k for much longer than that though starting at the age of 14 (now 21). I will enjoy reading the responses to my favorite threads and now complete the conversations by adding input.

Cheers and happy gaming\
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Default Re: Hello all of tau online

hello, And welcome to the wonderfull world of Tau Online!, ,We here(by we I mean at least me) will enjoy your input to(hopefully) all of Tau Online, Make sure you read the rules and use good grammar(admins hammer new people on that stuff).

Chaos Master

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It's like being totally wasted on drugs, only with no side effects.
eg being arrested for licking a police officer's face trying to find out if they really do taste like snozberrys
It's true!
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Default Re: Hello all of tau online


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