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En Taro Adun!
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Default En Taro Adun!

Wait... wrong sci-fi game...

Anywho, I'm typically a Nurgle CSM player, but I've had a tiny Tau army on the side since they first came out. Mostly I love the models. They give me something very different from the dirty and disgusting Nurgle stuff to paint.

Outside of 40K I am into L5R (an asian themed ccg) and Megaman video games.

Mmm... geekdom.

I'm better at L5R than I am at 40K.
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Default Re: En Taro Adun!

Originally Posted by PlaguedOne
Wait... wrong sci-fi game...
Close enough.

Welcome to the forums!

I can sympathise about the painting. Playing Tau and Dark Angels, everything I paint is neat and orderly. I am frequently tempted to branch off into Tyranids, Orks, or Chaos for that reason alone.
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