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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hi

Hello, I am semi sorta new to 40k. I have played games with friends models but havent had the money to actually play untill now. I play Space Marines. i hope to do a Tech marine leader(with 4 hvy bolter gun serivtors and inside las cannon totng razorback) with 4 tactical squads in razorbacks, 3 dreads 3 preda and 3 attack bikes all inside a 2000 pt army. I hhave to find the list, but it is pretty balanced for dealing with tanks and infantry. Ill hope to post it up soon.
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Default Re: Hi

welcome to tau online! good to see another space marine player. ;D
My 40k armies:

Tau- 2000pts.
space marines- 500pts.
tyranids- 200pts. (battle for mccrage )
Lost and the damned- 300pts. (just started)

pm me if you play halo2 on xbox live!
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Default Re: Hi

Play something else. That's an order.
Heh, I'm Magnus the Red and Space Marines are my greatest enemies. Drop in to Off-Topic to watch me and Smoof Lord going at it...
See ya!

Yeah, I play WoW. So sue me.
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