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Dissapearing ACT
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Default Dissapearing ACT

G'day All,

This is The Outsider. After several months of activity, i've slowly being decreasing my time on the TauOnline Fourms. This has nothing to do with the forums, however pressures from home, university, sport and UNYA has lead me to realise i don't have time. Therefore (although not as much of a loss as god) i will be stepping down as moderators of the dark eldar, ork and necrons forums.

I hope you all have fun with your future exploits in the world of 40K.

From TheOutsider
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Default Re: Dissapearing ACT

:-\ I got your PM. I'm sorry to hear this. Does this mean your comletely leaving? Or just going to be less active?
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Default Re: Dissapearing ACT

ahhhhhhhh!! he disappeared.... wait.. is that him?!?! ahhhhhh....

"thump!" hits floor, after passing out.

wakes up...

what was that about?!?! ???
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