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Default HootOwl

Hi there, I'm HootOwl

My real name is Gregg, i born in NJ but live in FL now because of college
Also the third g in Gregg is not a typo, i don't really get it either but, oh well i didn't choose it

Been painting and collecting 40k for about a year now and decided to finally try playing it a few months ago and am glad i did!

Got into tau early on because they looked fun to paint which was all i really cared about at the time, and now they seem to fit my play style anyway so it all works out

I have 1 pet, a cat named Zot who I've had for nearly 2 years now, she hates most other people so it can get annoying when company is over but seems to eventually warm up to people after seeing them around 10 times...

Other than 40k i run, a lot (10ks Marathons half-marathons, etc.), also i play videogames and reading webcomics
I don't really watch TV except for hockey games (yes i root for the NJ Devils)
and that's pretty much all i do, so i got nothing else to say, bye!

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