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finally decided to register
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Default finally decided to register

hello eveyrone. i have been playing warhammer 40k for many years now. since about 2000 i think when i started with Tau. they are my favourite and i am generally quite sucsessful with them. i also have recently decided to take up tyranids for a change of pace. lol from one extreme to another. i havent had too much experiance with these guys but then again i dont get to play very often as i am generally bogged down in homework for year 12. i have been reading these forums for some time now and i finally decided to register so that i can put in my own 2 cents.
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Default Re: finally decided to register

Bwahahahahahahahahhah > Fool, your soul is ours now! :P

Hehe, welcome to Tau Online where the Guns Rail You! :P Oh, do note that capitalization and the use of commas and such are enforced. Hope to see you around
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