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Coming back to 40k, and chosing a new faction
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Default Coming back to 40k, and chosing a new faction

Just wanted to say, this forum has been amazing. I was a Sisters of Battle player in 4th ed but got quite fed up with the game, so put it on the shelf for the last 2 years or so. The new 5th ed has me excited again, and I started looking at the army I was playing and felt it was time for a new one.

Years ago when I was choosing my first faction, I nearly chose Tau but the Necrons won. Then I discovered how bland I felt their army choices were, so went to the WH. Now, however, having been a HUGE Battletech and Heavy Gear fan, I have reevaluated and am going to give the Tau a try.

I have been reading the articles and forums here like mad, and feel very enlightened and appreciative of the work that went before me.

Thanks much,

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Default Re: Coming back to 40k, and chosing a new faction

Glad you like the site Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. I'm Zenai, Imperial Guard player The Mods and other members will be happy to help if you have any inquires and such Hope to see you around
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