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Morning all
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Default Morning all

New person: Darth_Riah

Hi there, apparently this is a good place to introduce myself to the community. So, here goes:

I'm Darth_Riah, apologies to all Star Wars haters, it has been a nickname for a long time...
I currently play imperial guard, but am only a recent player, having just over 1000 points. I'm situated in Australia, and have played in one Games workshop organized tournament, the Brisbane Conflict.

That's the most I'm going to give away at the moment...

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Default Re: Morning all

Whoo! Another Imperial Guardsman!

I play Guard, but the people you'll want to talk to are in the IG board.

Listen to the Mods, Use proper Grammar, and be polite to everyone. You'll do fine.
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I'm certain that when I grow old I'll become probably conservative and my rebellious teenage children will rail against me for supporting the enslavement of animals classed as "pets" under a cruel regime of apartheid, and also think I'm a bigot cos I don't want to allow neo-cyborg lupine hyper sexual marriage.
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Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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