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Kroot Warrior
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Default Yooooo

Hello!! This site rules!
I've been thinking about starting up a Tau force as my first army as i know 5ed is starting!
I know that this is a hard army to play with but i figured that I don't want to follow the pattern and start with Space Marines!
So yeah...I'm going to follow the straight out the box on the site!
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Default Re: Yooooo


There's no shame in playing Spess Mehreens as your first force. They're balanced and versatile, with a very wide range of units especially if you count Guard and Inquisitorial allies.

So yeah hi, welcome to the forum. I'm not really a very "big" member so unless you lurk in the Inquisition forum or The Enclave (which is awesome) you'll probably not see me post much.

Enjoy your stay.
Originally Posted by Rafe
Originally Posted by Blastcage
Nurgly bikes: Harder than diamonds.
And incredibly unfluffy.
100% of posters have false statistics in their signatures. If you're one of the 0% that doesn't, copy and paste this into your sig.
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Default Re: Yooooo

Hi and welcome to Tau Online, SuperDash There's nothing with srating with Space Marines. They're the Jack-of-all-Trade and very forgiving for new players and also good enough for the more veteran players Visit the Space marine Board and they will get you started. Hope you like it here and please read the following for your's and the site's own good:
The 10 9 Commandments of God What a newbie of Tau Online should do and the Temporary 10th Commandment:
1. Thou must read the rules
2. Thou must use of proper grammar and spelling; use the spell checker
3. Thou shall not spamming unless it's here ;D
4. Thou shall be polite; don't flame people 8)
5. Thou shall not resurrect old topics; necromancy is heresy of the highest level here in TO :-\

6. Thou shall not double post; use the 'Modify Message' button to edit your post ^-^
7. Thou shall use the Search function to find a topic first before putting up a new one :P
8. Thou must read the stickies of the various Boards first
9. Thou shall not create 'X vs Y' thread or anything of that sort; it's a spawn pool for flames
10. Thou shall offer alcohol to The All-father

Originally Posted by Blastcage
...........I already complain about 3 other fellas. Don't start with me.
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Default Re: Yooooo

You young whippersnapper, Zenny. I remember when you were just a little Kroot Warrior. Yeah. With zero posts, too. I remember your Welcome thread! don't yell at me...

*wanders off mumbling about the good old days.*[/old man]

Welcome to the site, SuperDash! Listen to the Mods, and bribe FT with skulls.

Originally Posted by Crazedmongoose
I'm certain that when I grow old I'll become probably conservative and my rebellious teenage children will rail against me for supporting the enslavement of animals classed as "pets" under a cruel regime of apartheid, and also think I'm a bigot cos I don't want to allow neo-cyborg lupine hyper sexual marriage.
Originally Posted by BloodiedFangs
Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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Default Re: Yooooo

Another thing, SuperDash, is that post count or even karma doesn't mean everything about a member - Scoutninja has a relatively small post count, but he was here before I was, and I was here before Zenny was =P

But you'll find we have a wonderful community here and the mods and vets and such are nice and friendly people who will help you out if you need it =)
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
Crikey! This crazy clown causes commotion like the coming of Christ. Contained in a circle corrupted by crackheads and carnal cravings, he creates no concession to callous cheaters concentrating on nought but cock. Certainly, still a curious and cordial cavalier in the countenance of crazed cads, curs and creeps who condemn courtesy as something corny. No cloud could collapse his crushing crescendo of comical crowing and crimson coiffure. This conjecture on culture comes circumlocutive, consequently...

You may call me Circus.
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