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It's the WWII freak! - You know the one I mean.
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Default It's the WWII freak! - You know the one I mean.

Hey guys... I'm back after a long time. I know my name said I'd be back in two weeks but after the reenactment I kinda'.... forgot you existed. Then this morning I was clearing out my favorates and wow look! It's Tau Online! Anyway, an update about me: I bought the Red Vs. Blue box set, funny.
Well, thats pretty much everything I've done thats even the tiniest bit interesting.

- Ugene.

P.S. - I'll be changing my name no doubt.
Call me Ugene if you wish! Nuns call me Ugene.
Originally Posted by Tak'Ukos
I can't help but feel gratified in making you miserable so many miles away.
"I'll ruin you like Tim Buckley ruins comedy!"
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Default Re: It's the WWII freak! - You know the one I mean.

Ah! I'd wondered where you went to! Glad to hear your (kind of) back .
"*=3*...What is it now private? More cheese?"
"No... it's much worse than that sir... it's super cheese."
Egg song, thank you Sidstyler![hr]
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Default Re: It's the WWII freak! - You know the one I mean.

Welcome back to our little corner of the Internet
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Default Re: It's the WWII freak! - You know the one I mean.

Hey, I remember you, even if you've manage to forget the lot of us. :P

Welcome back and hopefully this stay will go better (and be longer ).

-Grandpa Ducky

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