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New to the forum..and the game!
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Default New to the forum..and the game!

Hey guys

A bit of background about myself:

I played a *little* bit of 40k back in the day, (2002), and I had fun playing, but I haven't really touched the game since. I'm looking for a new hobby, and I figured I'd get into 40k.

After a bit of research, I think tau looked like the army that fit my playstyle (shooty). (I like them a lot in the DoW RTS)

Anyways, hopefully you guys can give me a bit of insight on if tau are good for a beginner, and what changes are coming in 5th edition?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Another quick question about 5th edition, are there going to be model changes?

Should I wait to pick up an army? Are tau going to be pretty lame in 5th? Sorry for all the questions!
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Default Re: New to the forum..and the game!

Welcome to Tau Online and welcome back into the game Tau might be a bit hard on beginners but that doesn't stop you from playing it. Just don't be dissappointed by your first few losses. Learn from it and fix the problems. Adapt and play again.

No models changes but there will be some new models coming up in the 5th for many of us Nah, you can pick up the Tau now and get them assembled and painted; all ready to play the 5th ;D There's some upgrades and nerfs for every army. All to balanced out each other. I wouldn't say 'lame' or 'over-powered'. Each army has its own strength and weaknesses. Get rid of that mentality that one army rules them all. It's not healthy especially in this kind of forums where we like to keep the peace

If you have any enquires, go to the Tau Board; read the Important Topics Stickies, search the forums to see whether the questions have been asked before then if you can't find the answers, post a topic or as a Mod.

Hope this helps and see you around.
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