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Default Greetings

Hi all, the name's Wild. I'm a recent fan of Warhammer 40K thanks primarily to Dawn of War series. I recently started a few months ago with Tau and recently the Black Templars, and hope to expand and learn more about my armies, and what to do with them better.
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Default Re: Greetings

HEY! Welcome to Tau Online. Nice to know another has joined since Dawn of War ^^ I also joined because of that game though I play Imperial Guard. Dawn of War: Winter Assault was one of the best of the expansions Just to get you acquainted with the rules:

1. Read the rules
2. Use of proper grammar and spelling; use the spell checker
3. No spamming unless it's here ;D
4. Be polite; don't flame people 8)
5. Don't resurrect old topics; necromancy is heresy of the highest level here in TO :-\
6. Don't double post; use the 'Modify Message' button to edit your post ^-^
7. Use the Search function to find a topic first before putting up a new one :P
8. Read the stickies of the various Boards first
9. No 'X vs Y' thread or anything of that sort; it's a spawn pool for flames

Get the Space Marine and Tau Board a visit then. Ask questions etc and you'' find that we're just as good as them big 40K forums like Warseer, Librarium Online etc
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Default Re: Greetings

Originally Posted by Colonel Zenai (General Zia'ne)
you''ll find that we're just as good as them big 40K forums like Warseer, Librarium Online etc
Better IMO

Welcome to the boards mate!
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Default Re: Greetings

Welcome to the forums and prepare for a short life here :P
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