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here I am
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Old 24 Apr 2005, 09:55   #1 (permalink)
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Default here I am

Maybe I should introduce myself too then..

I'm from Sweden.

I started playing 40 k a long time ago when i bought the Rougtrader book.. started out with a box of 30 plastic space marines in mk6 armour (ugly ones)

I played a lot of 2nd edition... then had a long break and are statring up again with witch hunters..

my armies are.. (not that I play them a lot..)

40k: witch hunters, blood angels, imperial guard, squats.. (some space wolfs and tyranids too)

fantasy: wood elves, orcs

epic: chaos

manowar (anyone played that?): high elves

necrumunda: esher
Order of the Purple Angel!!
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Default Re: here I am

And a proper welcoming to you Pontus!

We're already introduced of course, but extra greetings are always worth while.

See you on the WH board!

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Default Re: here I am

YES! you play wood elves!

and wood elf player is most welcome. ;D
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Default Re: here I am

Welcome to Tau Online...enjoy your stay and have a good posting time.
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