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Introducing myself...
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Introducing myself...

Hello everyone, this is the first time have actually registered at this site, even though I have been visitng for awhile now. It is good to finally be a member, and I think that I should Introduce myself to you all.

I play Warhammer 40k, and currently have a Chaos Marine army, although I would gladly trade back for a Space marine army

I have been playing 40k for awhile now, and it's good to be at this site, with like minded individuals. So, if any of you see me online or posting, please drop me a line
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Default Re: Introducing myself...

Welcome to the forums.
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Originally Posted by FT
They're an insane bunch of reptiles...
I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Introducing myself...

Thanks, i's good to be here :3
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Default Re: Introducing myself...


First a formality to go through:

Things to do:
1. Read the rules
2. Use of proper grammar and spelling; use the spell checker
3. No spamming unless it's here
4. Be polite; don't flame people
5. Don't resurrect old topics; necromancy is heresy of the highest level here in TO
6. Don't double post; use the 'Modify Message' button to edit your post
7. Use the Search function to find a topic first before putting up a new one
8. Read the stickies of the various Boards first

Now welcome to the forums
This is a great community, thanks a million skylight!
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Default Re: Introducing myself...

Hail and well met. Welcome to Tau Online. The CSM players will be pleased that another has fallen and has joined the crusade against the Corpse-Emperor. So, give them a visit and if you're still interested in SM, visit the SM Board as well :P AND if you want to trade your CSM for SM, go to the Trading Board ^^

I hope you like it as much as I do ^^
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Introducing myself...

Hello Davinman,
Hope you have fun with us on the forums and i hope you enjoy it as much as the website. Maybe you can show us a few pic's of your army.
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for their skills and strategies will defend us all.

One caste for the construction of a safe place,
for without their technology our empire would fall.

One caste for our faraway travels,
for their ships will bring us through the galaxy.

One caste for the talking at all levels,
for their smooth words will pave our road to victory.

One caste to rule them all, one caste to guide them,
One caste to bring them all together, and in the era of the Montíau, bind them.

In our galaxy there will only be the Tauíva.
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Default Re: Introducing myself...

Welcome to the forums.
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