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Hi Guys, What you think to my army?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hi Guys, What you think to my army?

Hey all, I'm quit new to the game but have being Reading the forums, what do you think to my team so far....

3 crisis suits with twin linked fusions blasters and shield generators
3 crysis suits with twin linked burst canons and Miltie tracker
3 crysis suits with plasma rifle missile pod and drone controllers with 2 drones each
3 broadsides with twin linked rail guns and missile pods plus target locks

6 Stealth suits......ideas for configuration are welcome as There not built yet.
Few fire warriors and a hell of a lot of drones.

What u think for a new stater?

All comments and ideas welcome....and hello to everyone!
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Default Re: Hi Guys, What you think to my army?

HI! and welcome to Tau Online.

Things to do:
1. Read the rules
2. Use of proper grammar and spelling; use the spell checker
3. No spamming unless it's here
4. Be polite; don't flame people.
5. Don't resurrect old topics; necromancy is heresy of the highest level here in TO
6. Don't double post; use the 'Modify Message' button to edit your post
7. Use the Search function to find a topic first before putting up a new one.

I think it's better if you post your list in the Tau Board so you'll get a useful response there. Just remember those things to do and you'll be a fine member on this forum. Enjoy your stay in Tau Online.
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Default Re: Hi Guys, What you think to my army?

Hey SiMMS v2, welcome to TO. Wow... lots of suits... many suits. I like suits! Hope to see you around.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
If you want durability, you play Space Marines. If you want strength, you play Tyranids.

If you want to dump firepower into your enemy until not even dental records will be enough to identify them, you play Imperial Guard.
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Old 24 Apr 2008, 02:33   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hi Guys, What you think to my army?

I like Crisis Suits (as do you from the read of things) - BUT, don't understimate the 'little' things in any Army.

A few Fire Warriors, hmmm - Fire Warriors are GREAT. I have never taken less than two Units of 8, and thats ONLY when (like in my game tomorrow) we are playing 'doubles' and I know he's taking more (in this case 27 More Lol).

But, I have to say - I LIKE IT!

Crisis suits are like Chinese Food - you can never have enough . . . .

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Old 26 Apr 2008, 10:11   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hi Guys, What you think to my army?

I have to second Aun El Vre's comment, never enough chinese food.

Remember though that you have to have at least two troops choices. Also a list like that will probably be heavily out numbered.

On the other hand suits rock and have good models.

Welcome to the higher-dimensional-hell-analogy that is TO

*opens a door to an arena where FT can be seen slaughtering the new members and shoves sIMMS in*

Have a nice stay.
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Default Re: Hi Guys, What you think to my army?

Hi and welcome

I love lot's of suits myself! ...Never get around to paint the dam things, bah!
Why do you have multitrackers on a suit with only "one" weapon?
(Twinlinked take as two hardpoints, but is else treated as one weapon)
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Default Re: Hi Guys, What you think to my army?

Welcome to the forums. You clearly like your suits
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