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Hi friends
I'm totally new to the game. Been interested for a while but was sort of wishwashy. I lucked onto a deal through a forum that netted me a good sized tau army, that needs work of course.
I'm predominantly a pen and paper role player, but cant wait to get these mini up to a quality Id be glad to play on a table. Still needs some work on them and me though. And admittedly I chose Tau originally for there proximity to a role playing games, but also feel they have a mindset and tactics I can get my mind around.
Need to get my basic "gear" to play ( rulebook of one form or another, templates, can kit bash for the dice and a simple tape measure) but am looking forward to both getting near other players and trying my hand at the game. Once Ive got a handle on the rules that is.
I'm an out of practice model painter, mostly testor kits 20 years ago, but feel Id like to try my hands at kitbashing and modifying as well. Get the creative juices flowing as it were.
Sadly its very unlikely to be feasible to get a game of any sort in until after we get out of Colorado in a few months, so will hopefully get to try after we settle in Tennessee.
Hoping to share my ideas and eventually experiences, good and bad, with the community.

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Welcome to the forums, Bearclaw.
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Originally Posted by FT
They're an insane bunch of reptiles...
I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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Default Re: New member

Hail and well met, new brother to our humble forums. Though small, we are friendly forums who's willing to help anyone in need.

Things to do:
1. Read the rules
2. Use of proper grammar and spelling; use the spell checker
3. No spamming unless it's here
4. Be polite; don't flame people.
5. Don't resurrect old topics; necromancy is heresy of the highest level here in TO
6. Don't double post; use the 'Modify Message' button to edit your post
7. Use the Search function to find a topic first before putting up a new one.

We got an RP Board too if you're interested in joining in a RP. And I see you've already quite familiar with the miniature model scene. Mind giving some hints if you come across any yet-to-be released model :shifty: :P Well anyway, enjoy your stay in Tau Online. And remember using proper grammar and spelling is kool :P
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Default Re: New member

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy them and don't fear to ask questions. Everyone here on the forum should be happy to help.
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Welcome to TO Bearclaw, and hope to see you around.

I don't think you'd get along to well with Stephen Colbert...

-By Timjim
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Default Re: New member

I hope you do manage to get a quick game in sometime soon, and just take your time with your models. I'm sure the place where you can play will let you paint with just primed models (as you are just starting and it does take time to get a sizable army painted).

Welcome to the forums.
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