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Hello everyone
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hello everyone


I'm fairly new to 40K (as in I have only played about 4-5 games) and started with Tyranids. They have been a lot of fun, and I expect I will expand beyond the 1250 points I presently have, but I have recently become obsessed with the Tau.

It started when I bought the Imperial Armour Apocalypse book. The Tau stuff was just so cool I had to buy the codex to check out the rest of the army.
Now I'm hooked and have been thinking about getting the battleforce (just need to finish painting the last few Tyranids I have).

Oh, and I play WFB too with a Dogs of War army as my main force.
So thatís me.
PS I only get on the computer at work, which is about to finish. So I wonít be able to reply much while the weekend passes.
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Default Re: Hello everyone

Welcome to the forums.

We at the Tau Online forums will help you in any way possible, so just post the question in the right board, and we will be on our way to help.
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Originally Posted by Emlyn
Originally Posted by FT
They're an insane bunch of reptiles...
I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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Default Re: Hello everyone

Hail and well met. Welcome to Tau Online.

Things to do:
1. Read the rules
2. Use of proper grammar and spelling; use the spell checker
3. No spamming unless it's here
4. Be polite; don't flame people.
5. Don't resurrect old topics; necromancy is heresy of the highest level here in TO
6. Don't double post; use the 'Modify Message' button to edit your post

There's always the Tyranids Board if you want to get back to them otherwise the Tau Board is there for your convenience. AND! Somewhere around here there's a Warhammer Fantasy Board if you wanna talk about discuss and talk about it.

Have fun and enjoy your visit in TO ^^
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Default Re: Hello everyone

Welcome MooThing!

Well, Zen has said it all, so welcome and hope to see you around!

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
If you want durability, you play Space Marines. If you want strength, you play Tyranids.

If you want to dump firepower into your enemy until not even dental records will be enough to identify them, you play Imperial Guard.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Hello everyone

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

I just have one question, is there an advanced search option? Or some way to search for sentences rather than individual words?
For example, can I search for "Vehicle drones" and filter out all the topics with just the word Drone in?
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Default Re: Hello everyone

Don't worry too much about not being able to post much, as we prefer quality over quality here, and I look forward to seeing you around
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