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Hey Everyone!
Old 03 Apr 2008, 23:19   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone, just introducing myself. i just got back into 40k but am new at the forums. I play necrons and have about 1500 Pt's but am looking for more of a challenge modeling wise so I'm starting chaos soon! ;D
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Old 04 Apr 2008, 00:43   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

Hello and welcome to Tau Online. So, getting back to 40K eh? And you choose this humble forum to again restart your deathless match across the tabletop? Well, my friend you choose right. Also there are some awesome Nurgle players who does incredible work on their Nurgle army. Here's a linky and another. Also here and HERE! There's more from TO' Nurgle lovers but those should suffice for now.

Things to do:
1. Read the rules
2. Use of proper grammar and spelling; use the spell checker
3. No spamming unless it's here
4. Be polite
5. Don't resurrect old topics; that necromancy and heresy of the highest level here in TO
6. Offer sacrifices of cheese to Zenai; this is optional :P

Things you want to do:
1. Visit the Chaos Board
2. Visit the Chaos Board's Tactica
3. Visit the Necron Board

I hope you enjoy your stay in Tau Online
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Old 04 Apr 2008, 01:28   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

WOOHOO! A NON Tau player! (no offense)

I welcome you to the forums (but you already knew that) and I'm sure Timjim will be ecstatic of a follower of Disease and Pestilence.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
If you want durability, you play Space Marines. If you want strength, you play Tyranids.

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Old 04 Apr 2008, 01:41   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

Hail, and well met! Welcome to the boards, you'll have a hell of an awesome time.
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Old 04 Apr 2008, 11:51   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

Hey guys, im new to the boards but a very seasoned Tau player (i was one of the first people in the country to own a set of figures - i camped outside games workshop). ive been looking around the conversions stuff and am glad to see that at least some of my stuff is original. i will see about posting pics/ rules as soon as i get my digital camera working
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Old 04 Apr 2008, 11:55   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

Welcome Broken_Angel and Son of Nurgle to the forum, and enjoy your time here with us. Anything you want to ask or discuss, please do post in the appropriate board, and well help you al out.
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Originally Posted by FT
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I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

Welcome. We will definitely give you all the help you need. Enjoy the forums.
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

Did someone mention me? 8)

Welcome young nurgling *pets on head*

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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

I know I'm really in no position to say this but "Hi, welcome to Tau online, please check in but don't check out
Have a nice time inspecting and replying to the posts on this site.
"It is not our technology that will let enable us to prevail in this galaxy. It is our shared sense of honor and commonality of cause that unites us and will give us the power to defeat our enemies"

Damn straight.......
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Default Re: Hey Everyone!

Originally Posted by Lord Solar, Master of Armour
WOOHOO! A NON Tau player! (no offense)
We get more then you can imagine

Welcome to the forums
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