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Default hello

hello i am neww to the warhammer world but i have like mintue that i have been in it. i have started out palying tau and i am looking for any hints that could help me in the fight for the greater good.
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Default Re: hello

But.. you can't steal my name...


(my original name was Dezartfox)

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Default Re: hello

Hey, what attracted you to tau and have you gotten to the best part (painting :P) yet?
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Default Re: hello

Welcome to Tau Online where none can survive without losing their sanity.

Here's your welcoming gift:

*Zen hits desertfox with his Power Pillow*

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Default Re: hello

Welcome to the forums!

The Tau list is sort of unique in that it breaks down very neatly into three distinct types of army. There are subset within them, but in general the army list you build will determine what tactics are available. This is different from the standard Space Marine army, which can frequently use any number of strategies with the same starting army.

The three styles are Mechanized, Static, and Hybrid.

With a Mechanized list, you minimize the weakness Tau have in close combat by keeping all of your troops mobile, using Hammerheads instead of Broadsides and mounted Fire Warrior units. In many cases, this is a victory-points denial list. Its aim is to cause damage to the weakest parts of the enemy army, while at the same time avoiding damage itself.

The Static list relies on the firepower of the Tau list to avoid getting into close combat. Where objectives need to be taken, the Static list will try to blast the enemy off of the objective before walking in uncontested. These lists usually make use of traps to slow the enemy advance down, keeping them at ranges where the Tau have an advantage. So you will frequently see Kroot units as diversions, and Sniper Drones to try to pin enemy units.

The Hybrid list does not exactly combine these strategies. In a hybrid list, you try to overcome the weakness of the Tau in close-combat by using units together. So Kroot will counter-charge to relieve a unit of Fire Warriors, and mounted units can guard the flanks of static firebases. You have more options to complete objectives, but you have to be careful not to let the mechanized parts of your army get spread out.

It is worth trying each style out at the 1,500-pts level. All Tau armies will include at least Fire Warriors and Crisis Suits, so make these the core of your list. Mechanized lists expand from there by adding Devilfish and Hammerheads, while static and hybrid lists will often add Broadsides, Sniper Drones, and Kroot. Ethereals have little use in a Mechanized army, but they can be very important in keeping a Static or Hybrid list from running off the field due to return fire.

Vespids, Stealth Teams, Skyrays, and Pathfinders are all specialty units. They have very particular uses, and it pays to do some research on their uses before you add them to an army.
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Default Re: hello

Take some time to pick your army style and maybe right a few lists so you know what you want even if you have no experience. But like Khanaris said, try them all. And At 1,500 pts, an army could still go any of the ways and then you would have the experience to choose which you like best. Also, don't be pressured to take the most powerful unit unless you like the unit. Meaning don't pick units only on their stat line. Also, spamming markerlights is awesome (if not cheesy).

And Zen stopped killing people to do something more classed like:

I give you a 21 Baneblade Cannon Salute in celebration of joining Tau Online! (I can see that... timed to the 1812 Overture playing... sorry, off topic)

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Default Re: hello

Tau is a great army, because of it's weaponry. I would recommend Mech Tau because it uses their best methods. Manoverbility & shooting.
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Default Re: hello

It seems your well served with advice

Welcome to the forums.
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