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Hey folks!
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Default Hey folks!

Hey everyone!

I've been in the hobby of building armies and playing 40k since late 1998, early 1999. It all started when I saw my first Sisters of Battle mini - it was love at first site! Since then, my army and I have suffered through being "female space marines", chapter approved, Codex Witch Hunters, and 4th edition. Every time I think I have a handle on playing, GW seems to take notice and change the rules. But, that's half the fun of it and I have persevered. Now I can field somewhere around 4500 pts worth of Witch Hunters, and about the same number of points in my side army of Necrons.

In terms of statistics on myself, I'm 42 - that's probably pretty old to most of you! I've been a graphic designer for the past twelve years, and happily married for the last four. Currently I'm back in college earning various degrees so that I can put my knowledge to use and eventually teach at the college level. Currently, I live in the US at the western end of New York State in a small city North of Buffalo and East of Niagara Falls.

My friend, an avid Tau player, introduced me to this site when he took it upon himself to find help for floundering Witch Hunters. Having read the responses to his posts I was impressed at the friendliness and knowledge of the members here. I knew this place was one worth joining - so I did.

Hopefully, I can add something to the mix here. I'm looking forward to gaining more insights into the game, becoming a better player, and making some new friends along the way.

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Default Re: Hey folks!

Welcome aboard Starchilde! Be sure to read the Forum Rules and enjoy your stay!

Nice to see a fellow Inquisitorial army player amongst all the Tau! Do drop by the Witch Hunter and Daemonhunter boards. We can definately use all the new faces that we can there. And with your experience and army, it would be a great addition.

Where do you live? You never know, a couple T.O. members may be near by

Happy posting and hope to see you on the Tau and Witch Hunter boards


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Default Re: Hey folks!

hey. wilkommen. have fun.
Originally Posted by Wood Gecko (Diplodactylus Vittatus)
aw... he's so cute... wha?... a gun?....nice kitty.... nice kitty.... BOOM!
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Default Re: Hey folks!

Welcome to Tau Online cerael is good food
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Default Re: Hey folks!

we're actually a good community..we all have a pretty sexy good attitude.

IVEATCH is close to your age i suppose... go scheme with him..
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