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Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic
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Default Re: Meet the Staff - Introduction Topic

Greetings all!

My name is Aunny and Iíve been selected to help out moderate the Tau Boards along side Khanaris and RJay.

I am 19, live outside Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) and currently in university studying Electrical Engineering. I play pretty much all of the GW games, including Inquisitor, Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, and Necromunda. My newest addition is my Inquisitor warband, which is slowing coming to life, whereas it needs time to build between by ever growing Tau, Tyranids, Dark Eldar and High Elves forces...and now soon to be Dwarves as well!

When Iím not posting here on TO, I am usually studying, outside, sleeping, playing Xbox (the "Brothers in Arms" series is quite addicting), or just tinkering with things around the house...but do I have time to eat? Hardly!

Other than that, people say Iím a pretty easy going guy! (Probably why I was voted Friendliest Staff in '05, eh?)

So be sure to check out the Tau Boards to get all of your Tau Goodness!

If youíre ever bored while online, feel free to PM or MSN me, Iím always happy to chat about pretty much anything!


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