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Hi all!
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Old 16 Mar 2005, 15:22   #1 (permalink)
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Default Hi all!

Figured I would swing by and say hi!

My name is Dave, and I am a wee bit of a 40k junkie

I've been playing 40k for- oh - call it 10 years now...

I started with Dark Angels, and since then have grown to have about 7 playable armies.

Tau - 5000+ points (I can play just about any list I can think of out of units I have)
Tyranids - 3700+ points - the "House army" - not great paint job - but easy to do 3 way battles with (2 vs 1) - Everyone likes squishing bugs...
Cadians - 2000+ point Cityfight based army...
Dark Angels - I have a full battle company+ in various states of painted (and repainted) - no clue as to how many points...
Deathwing - 2500 point Deathwing army... easy enough to do with like what - 25 models?*
Grey Knights - 2000+ point Grey Knight army - 'cause they look cool....
Armored Company - more like a light armor regiment - 27 IG tanks (including most Forge World ones) - painted Cityfight colors like my Cadians. I LIKE building /painting tanks...* No clue as to the number of points - I'd need about 3 force orgs to use em all

I have a themed cityfight style table that most of our battels take place on - we may not use Cityfight rules - but most of our battles are in fairly dense urban terrain.

I have discovered that as i get older - i have lost the "must buy everything" addiction for GW - and am now settling into a life of quiet conversions and improving my painting. I have dabbled in Game Design myself, and so look at everything with that critical "is it balanced?" eye. I have a handful of small and dedicated friends in the game - so we have fun.

Dave Gaidasz
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Old 16 Mar 2005, 15:26   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hi all!

Welcome to Tau Online, any questions, feel free to send a personal message to me or another staff member >
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Default Re: Hi all!

Welcome To Tau online ;D

Whoa you have some big armies

-Made by the awsome Photoshoper TchicoriTa
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Default Re: Hi all!

Hey there Dave, welcome aboard

Good to hear of some more Inquisitorial goodness out there. Where do you live? You may have some other T.O. members near you who could really enjoy that table you have there

Be sure to the check the Forum rules and happy posting
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Default Re: Hi all!

Greetings Dave!
I love your armies! I want to copy them or better yet take them! lol..just kiddin'
I'm sure that with your seemless infinite knowledge you will enlighten us all...and with your knowledge of cityfight terrain be sure to vist the Hobby section, and especially the Conversion section if you have some ideas on how to model cooler stuff! Have fun Posting!
*Runs away to start scheming on how to get Dave's armies...*

Your Friendly Neighborhood Converison Guy: Shas'el Au'nat

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Default Re: Hi all!

Welcome to TO yadayadada enjoy your stay Rjay will give the complete welcome as usaul.
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Default Re: Hi all!

Welcome to TO!

@Misfits: Does RJay pay you to say that?

If you read this sentince, it will tell you nothing.
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Default Re: Hi all!

wilkommen. welcome. have fun. nothing else to say.
Originally Posted by Wood Gecko (Diplodactylus Vittatus)
aw... he's so cute... wha?... a gun?....nice kitty.... nice kitty.... BOOM!
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Default Re: Hi all!

welcome to TO, have fun!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Hi all!

holy shizzaaaay you got a lot of stuff. lol. ;D. sounds like you should have your own store. anyways good luck to you in your adventures on tau online. 8)
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