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Not really NEW...
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Not really NEW...

But when you've been gone for about oh a year and only posted 2 messages, people tend to forget about you...

Hey nice to meet all of you again.

Right now Im interested in starting both a space marine army and a necron army... the space marine army being a "Traitor/Rogue" Chapter, while my necrons being generic necrons... only problem with necrons. You cant really get too creative with them before you go out of their cannon.

Well anyway, glad to be back.
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Default Re: Not really NEW...

Welcome to the forums (again).
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Default Re: Not really NEW...

Welcome back! Hope this time your here for longer.
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Default Re: Not really NEW...

I found the same problem with Necrons, they're just so plain and boring as far as the fluff goes for them. Anyway welcome to the forums.
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