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Good Evening....
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Default Good Evening....

I thought I might perhaps kill several marines with one pieplate:

I found the site while searching for articles on the use of rare earth magnets in the construction of 40K models.

I play Tau. I have mucked about with a "Nidzilla" list a friend of mine owns, but I play Tau, and have yet to employ another force.

I began my sojourn into the hobby of 40K on a sultry afternoon in my home state of California, at a gaming store in the San Francisco bay area. The army I used was a Tau force a friend had lent me to play with, as I had expressed some curiosity about the hobby. I have yet to paint my own models, and have built exactly three of them, stealthsuits all(of the newer variety). I own a large assortment of mixed Tau, which will require stripping and repainting. I have discovered several things:

1. I love building models. Clip, file, plan, position, glue. There is nothing in the process I dislike.

2. I despise stripping. I suppose as an occupation I have no problem with it(some of my best friends are strippers), but as a hobby requirement, I loathe it. If it wasn't so economically viable, I would never buy and strip. I have nightmares about the sound of a medium-bristle toothbrush on plastic.

3. I already paint canvas and paper. Painting models looks like an entertaining way to develop eyestrain and fatigue new and different small muscle groups.

The average age of the board membership here makes me feel every one of my grey hairs. Old age, experience, and treachery for the win.

I'm doing pretty good so far. I have been in the hobby for three months and try to play weekly.
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Default Re: Good Evening....

Welcome, let me be the first to congratulate you on:
A) marvellous spelling.
B) the Tau.
C) being honest about your age (which hasn't been specified, not even in 'profile&#39, I'm 24 myself.
I prefer the making and converting and painting over the actual playing. A miniature is a little bit like a 3D piece of canvas, so to speak. Hope you'll enjoy yourself on the forum.

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Default Re: Good Evening....

We have a variety of ages here . Some younger, some older . Welcome to the forums.
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Default Re: Good Evening....

Looking forward to see your minis (If you happend to post pictures in the future )
What are you using for stripping?
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And I do need some coffee...

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Default Re: Good Evening....

Originally Posted by GeorgeCrane
Looking forward to see your minis (If you happend to post pictures in the future )
What are you using for stripping?
Simple green and a toothbrush, medium bristle.

However, I have added a significant piece of equipment to the process recently that will make the procedure much, much easier: An experienced model stripper who enjoys doing it. 8)

I am currently still in debate about what color scheme to use for my army, and am vacillating between black and midnight blue(a traditionally deep french ultramarine or Prussian) for the primary color, as the cadre is the Midnight Guard.
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