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Axes High!
Old 23 Aug 2007, 02:58   #1 (permalink)
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Default Axes High!

Hello to all posters here!

I've been around for a while, wrote some posts, so good manners require proper introduction. First of all, my avatar is not a picture of my dream girl, do not get any ideas :P. Hand drawn by yours truly so it's not something 'borrowed'.

To the point: I'm 29 years old starting today, male, single and making cash doing one or the other more or less lousy job (or not lousy at all, it depends). I'm Polish through currently living near Dublin. As they say here, Poles work hard and play hard

Get hooked on you-know-what about christmas 2006, all fault of my friend Solarius, and got totally biten by the bug since.

I own an always-nearly-finished IG army (not due to lack of effort, but it grows as fast as I can convert and paint), worth about 7k in total (used a maximum of about 6k in one battle), and small force of SOB (around 1k).

I own also a bunch of catachans, and a couple of Tau suits, but not for playing, mainly for painting.

I have played around 15 battles so far, that may not sound very much but most of them was in the range of 3.5k - 7k points.

I love designing tactics and converting miniatures. My biggest project is converting my whole force (the Tarsus XIX Regiment, based on cadians, Hardened Fighters/Carapace Armor/Veterans/Priests/Grenadiers) to carapace armor, and I'm doing it the hard way, actually sculpting the armor. I will show the photos when it'll be finished - that'll be about october-november, I think.

Best wishes to the all of you people!
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Default Re: Axes High!

Welcome to the TO,.


That is all I have to say.
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Default Re: Axes High!

Welcome to the forums
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Default Re: Axes High!

Welcome to the forums and you will love APOCOLYPSE :P
This is my dream kit :P

My kit at the moment
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