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hi im new
Old 17 Aug 2007, 00:33   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default hi im new

Hi, i started collecting 40k a few years ago, but mostly for painting and collecting purposes.

I know next to nothing about the rules and how to play but i mean to learn soon. I have a tyranid army and have recently ordered some tau fireworriors and kroot that I plan to do some converting work with.

i will probably become more active on this site in the near future so keep an i out.

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Old 17 Aug 2007, 01:41   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: hi im new

A converter and painter? Seems like we'll be seeing you in the painting boards a fair bit then

Welcome aboard and read and follow the forum rules as found in the Announcements section.
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Default Re: hi im new

*Beats of scorpion ninja* [size=1pt]That sounds dirty... :sadnshocked:[/size]

Phew, that was close! Anyway, welcome Wacky! I'd give you a donut, but that damn scorpion ninja took off with them... Curse you! > Here, as a consolation prize, have a...

*Rummages in pockets*

...Keyring! it's shaped like a kroot head.
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Old 19 Aug 2007, 13:52   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: hi im new

Hi Wakky_Zakky

I'm Third Sphere and I'm new here too, just joined the other week.

Looking forward to seeing some of your Tau creations in the future, keep us posted. Also are you going to post some of those 'nids?

Third Sphere
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