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Hey guys!
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hey guys!

Hey everyone, my name is Alex and I've been playing Tau for about 3 years. I'm a huge fan of conversions and nice paintjobs, and I am always searching for new ideas. Though my conversions generally come out nicely, I still lack the patience to paint a whole army as nicely as I'd like.

Non-flammable --- . . . Is that a challenge?
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Default Re: Hey guys!

Here have katana and a nice stay at the forums.
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Default Re: Hey guys!

(Comes in headbanging to that one song in that Dunkin' Donuts commercial)


Hello! Welcome to these forums, Yay! Another soul for the Greater good! In honor of this... (Hands Samurai a vegan cookie) Since the Grand seer is away (He usually does this) I've been given a license to hand out vegan cookies, but beware of the admins... They could do something at any moment... :shifty:


Have fun!

(Continues to headbang to that one song in that one Dunkin' Donuts commercial.)

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Default Re: Hey guys!

If you need to train with your katana, I can send one of the Scorpion Ninja's after you and he'll give you a run for your money*

Welcome to the site.

* provided you can dodge shurikens, stinger missiles and pincer hugs.
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Default Re: Hey guys!

Welcome samurai! unless you're very good, I'd refuse the offer on FT's scorpion, they are sneaky little buggers. :shifty:

Anyway, Have a donut, complete with, OH GOD IT'S A SCORPION NINJA!

*Is attacked by scorpion ninja*
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Hey guys!

we must be very similar then ive been playing 4 about a year and i only have the base and 1 other color thts painted and 1 squad tht isnt evn painted alwell ill get too it one day or another

kids these days are so different from my generation
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