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Iv just become active on here and...
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Default Iv just become active on here and...


My names phil and im a tau player (obv)
I have about 2,500 pts (ish of tau) but only been using them for about 3/4 weeks now, so not made a huge list yet. Im practising and testing 1150pt lists for a local tournament and havent been majorly successful!

I also have 3,000 pts of necrons, and about 6,000pts of word bearer chaos (no joke - bought u HUGE box of it and found many goodies )

Im a North-Westerner in the UK and am looking for some decent tactics etc for my force and any help anyone fancies giving, before i post my army list to see what y'all think, ill have a look to see if there are any other relevant forums/threads for that to go in, if i dont find one expect one directly after this post very soon.

Either way, talk to me! lol

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Default Re: Iv just become active on here and...

Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay here and be sure to read the forum rules .
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Default Re: Iv just become active on here and...

Hi and welcome to the forums Hope your massive armies wage many successful crusades, an you do better than that fool Abbadon!

Have a Massive army gigantorz cookie
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Default Re: Iv just become active on here and...

Hi philwinky, welcome to Tau Online!
Word Bearers are great, and although I'm not mad on the Necron fluff I love their image.
Hope you can find the advice you're looking for, I'd be suprised if you don't! 8)
If you need anything feel free to PM me or any member of staff (including FT two posts up :P ).
- Rezzy
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Default Re: Iv just become active on here and...

(Comes in headbanging to "Cyco vision" By Suicidal Tendencies)


Hello! Welcome to these forums! 6,000 points of Word bearers? Wow, are they painted and based? If they are, I congradulate you. So in honor of you coming here

(hands Philwinky a vegan cookie) Since the Grand seer is away (one of the members here.) I have been given a liscense to hand out vegan cookies. But be careful... It was made by the admins... Anything weird could happen at any moment... You were lucky not to get chainaxed... :shifty:


Have fun here!
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Default Re: Iv just become active on here and...

Welcome, here's your complementary donut, complete with yellow icing!

Oh and Bugga, it's a chainfist now.

*Ducks chainfist swing*
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