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Kroot Warrior
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Default ++Introduction++

++I'm a 40k gamer, have been for many years. I've got around 4000 pts. of Black Templar, 800 pts of Tyranid, and 300 pts of Grey Knights (guess which I've been playing longest). I'm the type to go all-out to explain a rule to a novice player, or suggest a wacky new way to flesh out an existing army.

My specialty though is conversion and terrain building. I've built 3 tables in my basement (including a Tyranid hive board with interchangeable 1'x1' squares and A 4'x6' ruined city table), all from scratch, and will spend days locked in my basement with a hot glue gun and foam cutter. I also have a Vindicator converted from an early 3rd edition Predator, and a scratch-built drop pod.

My friends and I have, over the years, taken on the dogma of the Astartes as our own path, and I actually just got back from getting the double-headed eagle on my left arm. So if I seem to be chewing a particular person out on the forums, it's the Templar talking.++
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Default Re: ++Introduction++

Haha, well welcome!

I gotta see this tyranid board. I'm sure it's sweet!

(Follow the rules) (Sorry, someone has to say it :P)
Go Necrons! Go Orks! God my mind is weary...!
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Default Re: ++Introduction++

Damn you Dakka Dakka dude >

Welcome to the forums and please make sure you post pictures of your boards
This is my dream kit :P

My kit at the moment
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Default Re: ++Introduction++

Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay .
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