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New memeber saying hi
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Kroot Warrior
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Default New memeber saying hi

Hi all,

I've been playing 40k for about ten years now. Last year I started playing Dark Eldar for a change of pace from my Black Templars/Sisters of Battle/Vanilla SM I had played since the start. With that change, I could no longer confine myself to the B&C for discussion & inspiration. Looking around for active DE sites, 40k online and this board jumped out... so here I am, no longer lurking anonymously and hopefully I can contribute my share! Who knows, maybe I'll actually get drawn into starting a Tau army just for fun since I already use Kroot Mercs to some extent.
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Default Re: New memeber saying hi

Welcome to the fourms Lix. Just ask us anything, and we will deliver.
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Default Re: New memeber saying hi

Welcome to the forums and fear the ninja scorpions (just don't go near the air vents :shifty
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Default Re: New memeber saying hi

(Comes in headbanging and singing to "Barracuda")


Hello! Welcome to the forums! You play DE I see... Not very many in the GW community... But still! We proudly welcome you here!! (Hands Lix Tetrax a vegan cookie*) Enjoy your stay! (Resumes headbanging and singing to "Barracuda")

*Ha! You cant chainaxe me! I have a license!! >
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