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hey, new here
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Kroot Warrior
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Default hey, new here

HI!, I'm rune and new to tau on line. i play black templar and also own some eldar, but haven't done to well with 'em so I'm sticking to Templar for now.

curseder squads rock
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Default Re: hey, new here

Yeah man! Follow all the rules (haha I win again)

Okay anyway, on a serious note... Don't give up on Eldar. They're just tricky. But Templars are awesome, so go Templars!!!

They're awesome for Imperium, anyway...

Welcome to Tau Online!

Go Necrons! Go Orks! God my mind is weary...!
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Default Re: hey, new here

Hello, Rune. Welcome to the forums.
Have a cookie, filled with unidentified contents. :P
Originally Posted by Kiznti
Originally Posted by Tak'Ukos
Oh God, not that deamnohunters! :P
Who else would fight Choas with Palasma weapons?

Originally Posted by Fish Ead
My Shas'O, I picture as an old grizzled war vet. However, he has a bit of a gung-ho streak. Think Sun Tzu meets Yeosemite Sam
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Default Re: hey, new here

Well you want a brain cookie :P

Welcome to the forums
This is my dream kit :P

My kit at the moment
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Default Re: hey, new here

Welcome to the forums and fear my new chainfist
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