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Hello everybody!
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Default Hello everybody!

Hi everybody, my name is Dan. I am relatively new to playing 40k, although I have familiarised myself with the rules and have been collecting a tau force for about a year now. I currently have about 1750 points worth of tau and I'm leaning heavily towards the mech tau side of things. Anyways, not trying to get too long winded here so I'll end this with a hello once again and I hope to see you all on the forums.
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Default Re: Hello everybody!

Your not sounding long winded, actually . I've seen some intro topics in my time and yours is pretty concise and short . Welcome to the forums.
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Default Re: Hello everybody!


Mech Tau are nice (and the models are awesome). Nice to have to on the board.
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Default Re: Hello everybody!

Welcome to the forums and follow the rules (yes i said it first !!)

try get some pics up on the showcase board
This is my dream kit :P

My kit at the moment
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