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hi guys
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Kroot Warrior
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Default hi guys


i'm looking into warhammer and I was wondering what would be the best army to play for someone like me.

my interests are:
i like rpgs and some rts...is warhammer like that?

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Default Re: hi guys

Welcome. You and I have alot in common *Cough*Anime*Cough*

Warhammer .....well you can always think of it as a table-top version of RTS, but take out the real-time out of it and replace it in with turn-based and the mix in a little gunpla in the mix.

I hoped that helped somehow.
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Default Re: hi guys

Hello to You, too.

You're asking about Warhammer armies? I assume you are speaking of the usual Warhammer Battle, as opposed to Warhammer 40.000 (the latter being a fantasy game set in the future, with lasers and starships and powered armours). The Warhammer Battle is your more-or-less typical fantasy, with a world somewhat similar to the Renaissance or Baroque (technical level above Middle Ages, Inquisition, etc.) but, of course, with differences. If you like RPGs, you must have at least heard of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play; it's one of the most popular and indeed one of the best RPG systems in the world!
As for the armies, they are very varied, and all of them are beautiful. There are human troops (from barbarians to pretty modern armies with gunpowder and everything), savage orcs, a few cool types of elves, exotic lizardmen, and several really nasty and/or monstrous factions... And they all look great!
I don't play Warhammer Battle, but if I was (actually I might start some day), I would probably take Dark Elves. They are beautiful, sensual, and fearsome. I really don't like dark eldars from WH40K, but those fantasy dark elves are ultranice.
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Default Re: hi guys

Originally Posted by CatGirlOfDoom
i'm looking into warhammer and I was wondering what would be the best army to play for someone like me.

The Witch Hunters or Tau Empire may take your fancy.

Or perhaps something a little more... Chaotic?

Welcome to Tau Online.
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Default Re: hi guys

Welcome the forums, enjoy your stay and be sure to dodge the scorpion ninja's that hunt through the forums :shifty:
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Default Re: hi guys

Don't worry, said scorpions only exist in FT's mind... unfortunately, FT is an admin so he could make it come true > !

If you're into the mecha side of anime, and the shiny futuristic style, Tau might be your thing.

If you like the dark, gothic, 'nuns with guns' side of anime, Witch Hunters might appeal to you as Anton said.
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Default Re: hi guys

HiHi! Here have a M&M giant mecha gun cookie thing

Hope you find your nihe in the world of 40k !

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Default Re: hi guys

Go Witch Hunters!
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Default Re: hi guys

Hi CatGirlOfDoom,

In answer to your question, warhammer isn't really like an RPG or an RTS.

Warhammer / Warhammer 40,000 are table top war games, great fun though and I may be biased, but can highly recommend both.

You could try Warhammer Fantasy Rloeplay if your looking for a RPG (follow this link) http://www.blackindustries.com/?template=WH or Dawn of War if it's an RTS your really after, I'm sure you can find that one on your own.

As for armies you may like for Warhammer Dark Elves or perhaps Vampire Counts? for Warhammer 40k have to agree with the other guys Witch Hunters for the nuns with guns thing or maybe the Tau Empire for the giant mecha thing.

hope that helps

Third Sphere
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: hi guys

hey i think u should get space marines but u could elaborate
kids these days are so different from my generation
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