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New to Tau
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Default New to Tau

Hey everyone. I'm new to the Tau army as the topic suggests. My first army is Eldar, second Necron and third is Chaos(Khorne). Right now my army consists of a Battlesuit Commander and one unit of Firewarriors so I have no experience with them yet. I plan on getting some kroot to balance them out a little. I prefer a shooty army(decidedly so after playing Khorne) and decided to try Tau. If anyone has any solid starting strategies that would be helpful as hell. Thanks~
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Default Re: New to Tau

Hey, welcome to the site!

Sounds like you've got the minium units you'll need for a Tau army so I'll run you through the three main styles of play.

Static, lots of fire warriors and broadsides, some suits, some snipers and maybe a pathfinder squad. It just stays still and shoots.

Mech, mounted firewarriors, Battlesuits, stealth teams, Pirhanas and loads of hammerheads.

Hybrid, a mix of the two styles. There are better explanations just look around a bit.
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