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A Swedish guy.
Old 02 Aug 2007, 11:23   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default A Swedish guy.

Hi, Im a 13 years old swedish guy who have played Warhammer for about a year right now. I started because my brother inspired me to start. Armies I have played: Tyranids, Wood elves and soon Dark angels.
Do you think Sims feel pain?
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Default Re: A Swedish guy.

Hello there, welcome to the forums, hope you'll have some fun here. If you do not find fun on your own, fun will be provided for you.

PS: Yes, sims can feel pain. it's textbaloon-shaped and it has an exlamation mark in it.

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Default Re: A Swedish guy.

Aha! Another servant for the Hive Mind! Most excellent...

Welcome to the forums... ;D
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Default Re: A Swedish guy.

Yay another person for the hivemind. Have some power floormats.
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Default Re: A Swedish guy.

Why would he need a power floor mat? Why not a spiked floor mat?
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