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got tired of lurking, decided to register
Old 29 Jul 2007, 21:26   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default got tired of lurking, decided to register

recently i've started collecting a Tau Empire Army, having grown bored (and somewhat dissapointed with) my Black Templar's.

at the moment, all i have is an army list and the start of the figures (firewarriors, devilfish, a few battlesuits), but already i find playing Tau much more fun than the BT's. oddly enough, i identify with Tau more than a bunch of warrior techno-monks (the BT's drew me because i'm sort of a historian by vocation, and the Knights Templar are a fascinating bit of history that i like.)

the Tau though better fit my ideas about combat, and the Heinlen-esque battlesuits are fascinating and cool by themselves.

when i started putting together my planned Tau force, i first wen to Librarium-online, which had helped me with my BT's. i also checked out Warseer at the suggestion of a friend.

then i noticed a link to here from Turnsignals on a land raider, and boy was i surprised. i lurked for a few days, reading new and old threads, and i just couldn't avoid wanting to chime in on a few, the discussions are so good here. so i registered.
The Tao of Tau:
The presence of war at the edges of the empire focus and motivate the center of the society, prividing a manifest destiny in the form of stellar expansion.
The individual cannot achieve what is truly grand. Submit yourself to the greater good, that you may make a contribution to a society that will achieve truly great wonders.
Pay no heed to what you once were. now you belong to us, and we will capitalize on the ignorance of our enemy.
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Default Re: got tired of lurking, decided to register

Hey and wel..............

Gar................*Shas'o monta's eyes glaze over with a far distant look*

Heres a brain cookie for you sssssir, enjoy :sadnshocked:.........

.............come to the forums. Whats with the shocked look ??? :P

be prepared for more insane people all over the forum, you've missed one of the worst at greeting newcomers. The Grand Seer. Durza'll be along soon hes a bunch of fun. Muffin i haven't seen in a while around these here parts.
I like to think that we DO have good threads here at TO and I'm glad you think the same.

Don't ever be ashamed of what you start off with, hell i don't have that much in the way of tau. Money, its the bane of me. What's yours?
This is my dream kit :P

My kit at the moment
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Default Re: got tired of lurking, decided to register

"mithril, i think theres more to this hobbit than meets the eye"

Hey whats happenin...
"The Machine is strong. We must purge the weak, hated flesh and replace i with the blessed purity of metal. Only through permanence can we truly triumph, only through the Machine can we find victory. Punish the flesh, Iron in mind and body. Hail the Machine". logo-40k.jpg
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Default Re: got tired of lurking, decided to register

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay here :shifty:
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