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New Speed Freek and Dark Eldar player
Old 23 Jul 2007, 21:10   #1 (permalink)
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Default New Speed Freek and Dark Eldar player

Hi to all, A quick note on me, I have played 40k for 6 years but have slacked off for the last year and a half. I am back to it now and excited to hear of some of the new Ork items comming our way. "All Hail to All things ORKY"

I started with Space Marines and soon found my calling with Da Green Boyz. I now play predominately Speed Freeks but have recently started a Dark Eldar army as well (Web Way Portal List).

I have been spying on this site for a month or so and finally decided to join today. Thanks for the invite and the site. Hope to see some of you in the Ork and Dark Eldar forums.

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Default Re: New Speed Freek and Dark Eldar player

Welcome to the forums dude.

If you want to check out some of the stuff tha will be released to ORks in the foreseeable future, check out the GW rumoyurs board.
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Default Re: New Speed Freek and Dark Eldar player

Yay for another Orky player! Welcome to the forums & enjoy your sentence stay. Be sure to drop by the Ork boards and say "hi" to the rest of the greenskins.
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Default Re: New Speed Freek and Dark Eldar player

Ack not another greenskin :shifty: I must find and route out the warp hole that keeps spewing them out.

Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and don't forget to bribe Elfy with cookies...
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Default Re: New Speed Freek and Dark Eldar player

Speaking of cookies, some of my patented blood cookies are available right now for the low low low price of nothing!

Have a nice day,
[red]Wingates Hellsing[/red]
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