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New to 40k, but not to life...
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Default New to 40k, but not to life...

Where do I start...?

My name is Olle, and I live in central Sweden (50 km due east of the official middle point of Sweden).
I've got a MSc in biotech engineering that I acquired some ten years ago, and now my 40th birthday is only a few years away...

My experience with WH40k started some 20 years ago when a friend of mine bought the first edition of the rule book. My reaction then was on the lines of; cool looks, crappy rules and overpriced miniatures. (I never actually played the game, and I don't think my friend did either...) Around the same time I got to know my favourite miniatures board game; Command Decision. At that time it was the 1st edition, now the 4th Ed is out...

Then during my time at the university in the early 90-ies I was a member of the local gaming club where I, in addition to the RPGs I mostly played, got around to test WH40k, Space Hulk and Blood Bowl. My reaction still was; good looks, crappy rules and overpriced miniatures. Blood Bowl became a hit though, and I bought a copy of my own...

After university I moved to a new town where I didn't know anybody. As a result my gaming pretty much boiled down to computer gaming.
A year later I got a girlfriend who's now my wife and we have two lovely kids.
The family takes a lot of time and attention so I need some time off from them every now and then.
My wife is deeply involved with the local handicraft community and so spend a couple of evenings per week away from home.
To get my own excuse to get away from home I decided to get back to gaming.

Unfortunately very few Swedes play Command Decision, and I realised that my only feasible quick-and-dirty option was to "join the devil" and turn to WHFB or WH40k.
I started to dig deeper into my options, initially considering Wood Elves with WHFB or Imperial Guard with 40k (at that time I hadn't looked into the Tau race). The reasons I considered those races were that I prefer shooting over close combat and I have an interest in camouflage patterns/colours/techniques.
Then I found Tau and thought they seemed perfect for me.

I then found a local gaming club, where I went this spring to learn more and see if 40k was really for me. The guy I spoke to (who incidentally, I later learned, is the local guru of everything WH-related) asked what race I was considering. When I answered that I was considering Tau he promptly brought out a large GW Army figure Case filled with Tau figures (mostly unpainted) and another case with Chaos Marines. Then we played a 1000p battle, where I designed the Tau force myself.
When picking units I made some serious strategic mistakes based on false assumptions I'd made (more about that in a separate thread).
The result was that I learned plenty while getting my troops blown to pieces... 8)
I still think that it's cool looking, pretty crappy rules and overpriced figures, but now at least I can afford the figures and I think I can stand the rules until I've played some more...

I've bought a rule book, Tau Codex, and enough figures to play Combat Patrol scenarios. (Two boxes of Warriors and three XV8 Crisis suits.) Then I've also spent a small fortune on paint, brushes, cutting mat, etc, since I'm too old to settle with low quality tools.

Due to extensive family intrusions I still haven't finished painting my small army, and haven't yet actually fielded it in battle, but I'm getting there!

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Default Re: New to 40k, but not to life...

Yay welcome to the forums.
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Default Re: New to 40k, but not to life...

you sound a lot like my father who pretty much hates the rules of 40k but he enjoys painting.....

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Default Re: New to 40k, but not to life...


We all are like you at some point but I got over it.

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