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meet the fist
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Default meet the fist

hi all

it's time to introduse myself

I'm Richard and I'm 32 years old from the netherlands

i play 40k crimson fist space marines and started with space ork's
my space marines are at a total off 2300 points
the space ork's are just at a 800 points

i also bought a battle force of fantasie orc&goblins for painting/collecting

the warhammer i play with a friendsclub called hired guns
visit us at www.hiredguns.nl
and we we try to organise a tournament every first sunday of the month in our clubhouse

i know this is a internation forum still wanna invite all to come and play at the tournament( i know there some u.s. soldiers stationed in Holland who i wanna invite to come and play at our tournaments and weekly Wednesday evening)

if somebody is interested visit our website for details and i'll post dates here on the forum (our site is in dutch so please contact me for help)

that's all for now
i just don't know what else i can write

greeting from Holland
us is green, us is mean....... us is meangreen
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Default Re: meet the fist

*The grand seer is walking along*

*he sees a fist*

*he thinks*


*who could have lost their fist*

*walks around the entire universe and finds no one has lost their fist*

*gets annoyed and throws the fist into a star*

Welcome! ;D

This is very different to how I normally welcome people, for one thing there is little point in giving you a vegan cookie as you cannot eat it but I will procede to do so anyway.

*forces a vegan cookie into the fist's wrist*

Now read the forum rules and obey them or face the wrath of a smite-titan/smite-hammer/smite-just-about-anything-that-you-can-think-of-now-I-come-to-think-about-it

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The translation of Hamlet into Na'vi has started! Join with us at http://bit.ly/53GnAB

For more webcomics like this please visit my website.


or my deviant art account.
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