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Greetings - Starting Tau
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Greetings - Starting Tau

Greetings all.

I had a small Tau army back in 3rd Ed., ditched it but now feel the urge to take them up again.

I hope that I can contribute as well as receive some good advice on these boards.

O'Mont'da'Nan signing in.
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Default Re: Greetings - Starting Tau

Hey dude. You sound like an awsome guy, and I'll bet you'll fit in fine
Originally Posted by Mage

And Mav is the probably the smartest one of us, so it makes sense.
Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
My advice is simply walk through life and see what happens, and remember the one thing most of my yearbook from this year is filled with...

"Sex can wait, masturbate"
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Default Re: Greetings - Starting Tau


We like people who don't contribute just because of who they are.


Hamletyä těralpeng Na'viru sngamä'eii. Til si ayoenghu mě http://bit.ly/53GnAB
The translation of Hamlet into Na'vi has started! Join with us at http://bit.ly/53GnAB

For more webcomics like this please visit my website.


or my deviant art account.
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Default Re: Greetings - Starting Tau

Originally Posted by The Grand Seer

We like people who don't contribute just because of who they are.

Somebody's forgotten to take their happy pills today :P

Welcome to the site
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