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Hello, I am new
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Hello, I am new

Hello there I am new to this site, and i would like to get acquainted with some of the people

1: I play tau
2: I am fairly new to the game so please bear with me when i ask questions
3: >
4: more starwars sigs are needed

"Respect is earned "
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Default Re: Hello, I am new

Hey mate, welcome to the forums!
Originally Posted by Mage

And Mav is the probably the smartest one of us, so it makes sense.
Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
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Default Re: Hello, I am new

Welcome! Don't be afraid to ask questions we're here to help! (For the most part anyway, some people just remain in the enclave never to see the light of day. :P) Any questions on 40K in general go in the 40K board and army specific Questions go in their respective board. And asking questions is good as it allows us to answer them and keep the mod's karma cookies ever flowing.

Anywhoo, Take a look over the Forum Rules and we'll see you around!
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Default Re: Hello, I am new

Hi, hello, welcome!

And remember to duck.
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Default Re: Hello, I am new

Remember the swan as well (everyone saw that coming)

Welcome to the forum
Ask away, and you will get your answers (most of the time)

Welcome again (one welcome doesn't quite say it, does it?...)

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Default Re: Hello, I am new

Welcome General Hoth, here have some birdseed.
And remeber to have fun **goes down slide**

Wall 5
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Default Re: Hello, I am new


We bear with everyone and some of turn into bears as a result. Look at Durza perfect material for Bear hunting which reminds me its no longer the closed season for Durza killing.

4. I disagree, why don't you see if you can find a post by fish ead. See, you're not alone!
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Default Re: Hello, I am new

Hmmm, a new member, what a surprise :P. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay
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