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Kroot Warrior
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Default Hello!

Hi, I'm warrior of the apocalypse. I have 1500 points Tau army and I started with 40k 6 months ago. I also have 2 warhammer fantasy armies: Chaos and Vampire Counts. I'm thinking of having another 40k army: Necrons.
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Default Re: Hello!


*hands out a drone plushie*

enjoy your stay, and remember the rules.

I'd also recomend hiding - theres going to be a fight breaking out soon...

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Default Re: Hello!

Welcome, have some birdseed.
And remember to have fun its what this sites all about *Gets into Hammerhead and manically drives into a crowd of people* !

P.S: Prepare for a lot of cookies! ;D

Wall 5.
I drift in and out a lot, so my return really does not deserve it's own topic.
So instead it's drafted into my name!
Thrill to it's exploits!
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Default Re: Hello!

Welcome to Tau Online, a resort for all your 40K needs. :P be sure to stop by the announcements board and take a gander at the Forum Rules. Tau online has lots to offer you, from competitions to discusions to heated debates. there's something for everyone at Tau Online! We hope you enjoy your stay.

[size=6pt]Sorry I got a bit carried away there :-[. Anyway, enjoy Tau Online and we'll see you round.[/size]
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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