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Hello to all fellow Warhammer 40k gamers
Old 15 Jun 2007, 08:24   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Hello to all fellow Warhammer 40k gamers

After sifting through various web sites, I finally stumbled upon T.O. and to my amazement i found quite a plethora of information and advice. So after signing up and sitting in the background I finally got round to saying a BIG hello to all out there.

I am still fairly new to the whole 40k wargaming, but with all the advice on these forum boards including all those great tactica, I fairly certain i will prove to be a big thorn to the existing 40k gamers where i live (incidentally i currently reside in NZ - you know the place - where they filmed Lord of the Rings!)

Right now I am currently in the throes of collecting a necron army (about 1/3 of the way there right now) and cant wait to finally to have to all assembled ;D.

Anyhow as i said before a BIG hello to all on T.O.
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Default Re: Hello to all fellow Warhammer 40k gamers

Welcome to T.O I hope you enjoy your stay.
Oh by the way your about to be on the receiving end of a lot of cookies so be prepared!

Wall 5
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Default Re: Hello to all fellow Warhammer 40k gamers

Welcome! Glad to have you here. Enjoy your stay and be sure to take a moment and check out the forum rules. Also, you may want to avoid the chainaxe wielding Admin...

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Old 17 Jun 2007, 11:24   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Hello to all fellow Warhammer 40k gamers

And a [size=20pt]BIG HELLO![/size] right bck at ya!

Anywho, take moment to read over the Forum Rules. done that? Good. Probably best to check back from time to time as well.

EDIT: dang, F_E beat meto them. Ah well. Welcome anyway, please enjoy your stay!
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Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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