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Hello! :)
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Default Hello! :)

Hello, and you can already see who I am. I'm a Warhammer 40k player who plays Tau. An 1167 points army to be exact, and I think i'll like being here in this very forum.
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Default Re: Hello! :)

Welcome! Check the Forum Rules and have fun!

Tau eh? I've been seeing a lot of them... Must be because this is Tau Online. : No matter, more blue-skins to devour.

I'd advise you to vacate the thread quickly. It will be taken over by hobos giving you cookies and fighting each other very soon.
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Default Re: Hello! :)


*rumages around his sack and pulls out a krootox cuddly toy*

Enjoy your stay!
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Default Re: Hello! :)

Don't forget to fear the chainaxe . And welcome to the forums. Enjoy your free chainaxe stabbing ;D
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