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hello im new
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Default hello im new

hello TO. Im new here and so far its very good. I am gonna buy a Tau Batlleforce and i wondering how much pts. it is in the box and if someone knows a nice colorsheme. Thank you.
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Default Re: hello im new

Not a Tau player, but I can welcome you! :P
Welcoe to TO.
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Default Re: hello im new

Well, I'd suggest you do a google search for Tau and see if anything takes your fancy

Welcome to the site.
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Default Re: hello im new

welcome, enjoy your stay and obey the rules.

As for a colour scheme, maybe you should try the GW website for ideas.

Anyway, welcome have a celebratory welcome vegan cookie.

*force feeds malmenswe a vegan cookie. He chokes and appears dead.*

Woops. :-[

*dissapears off on a jetbike*
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